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Are you a home repair or improvement contractor struggling to find customers?

My name is Jay Sirotin. I help small to medium size companies get 15-25 highly qualified customers per month using highly undervalued platform.

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Research has shown that almost half of all searches on Google are made by people looking for information that is local. Google itself has reported that about 46% of all US searches are “local” meaning that people are using the phrases “near me” or “where to buy”. Also about 97% of users looked online to find a local business, like a home services contractor. So if your business does not show up in front of potential customers then it is your competitors are the ones who get those calls.

If you are a contractor offering home repair or improvement service to local residential or ever commercial customers then appearing in Google’s Local Maps Pack also known as Google My Business 3 Pack is a must.

If a homeowner types something like “house painting orlando fl” into Google search bar right now they will be shown a list of painting contractors who serve that homeowner’s area of the city or town. It is Google’s goal to provide the most relevant information to their users so depending on the location of the searcher Google’s algorithms will determine which contractor’s listing will be displayed.


These are special 3 business listings that have a map accompanying them. These business listings are known as Local 3 Pack.

Look at the example on the right.

With the rise of voice search, local businesses shown in the Local 3 Pack are being seen getting called even more. There is this trust in Google that whatever is shown on top are the best possible results and the best solution for a particular need or project. So paying attention to your Local 3 Pack rankings is essential. This strategy helps you reach a completely new and fresh set of potential customers and will ensure you grow your business without breaking the bank.

One very big benefit to the 3 Pack is that it is displayed on the first page of the Search Engine Results Page. This is critical for your business’ visibility. This means that if your business shows up inside the coveted 3 Pack you are on the 1st Page of Google results for the search terms which consumers are using to find a contractor that can provide a solution to their issues.


It is a known fact that most consumers do not go further than the 1st Page of Google Search Results. Same is true with Local 3 Pack Results. Most users will not click the link to see the rest of the businesses down the list

Your business can and should utilize Google My Business to 

• Show customers you are open

• Show current information about your business

• Start a dialogue with potential customer

• Schedule a quote appointment

• Tell potential customers about your business’ safety policies and procedures

With that said, if your business ranks fourth or below consumers will not see your company when searching for a solution to their problem or service needed. Unless they click or tap the “Show More Businesses” button on the bottom of the 3 Pack. But before you begin to worry about your business being on top of the 3 Pack you have to realize a few things.

There is a process of first claiming your GMB profile, second your Google My Business listing has to be filled out completely and correctly and properly optimized. Only after those things are done you can begin the process of ranking your business listing in the top 3 results of the Local Map pack. In our experience and the experience of our customers the higher your business is listed in the search results the more phone calls from potential customers you will get. Which completely makes sense. 

So the things that are essential to your rankings in Google Map Pack are listed below.

• GMB listing must be verified

• GMB profile must be filled out correctly

• Must be optimized properly

• Earn as many positive reviews as possible

• Optimize your main website attached to your listing 

• Build local and niche relevant backlinks to your GMB listing (monthly)

It is very important to remember that Google routinely makes changes and updates to their Google My Business offering and sometimes a few things have to be changed, tweaked or re-optimized because of that. So you, or someone who manages your GMB profile have to stay on top of those changes. Also, please do not forget that other businesses - your competitors - are also trying to get more calls and more business from Google Map Pack. 

So the highly coveted #1 Spot is in the sights of everyone in your local market and they will continuously try to knock the business in the first 3 results to take their place and to begin receiving calls from local customers.


I am glad you asked! The way I see it, there are really only 3 things at this point that you can do.  Well, actually four... You can always do nothing.

One, you can do your research on the topic of GMB verification, optimization and ranking in the 3 Pack.

Two, you can set up a 15 min call with me. I will tell you how to do it and you can do it yourself.

Or three, you can set up a 15 - 30 min call where we will together figure out if we are a good match for each other and if we are I can get to work utilizing a proven system we have developed for generating a constant flow of live phone calls from people needing your services.

Not trying to brag, but I have worked with home repair / improvement contractors for a number years now and know Google My Business platform in and out. I have generated thousands of calls for my customers. Home services is the only market I serve and know exactly what needs to be done for contractors to get their phone ringing with business.

There is no obligation to work with me. I can not help everyone. It is a possibility we are not a good fit. But if we don’t connect we will never know. So if you want to start generating 15-25 new customers per month with predictability within a short few weeks click the BIG BLUE BUTTON below and let’s see if we can help you and your business.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

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